Questions To Settle With When Selecting A Pest Control Service

When it comes to rat control Auckland there are a few things to consider. We have curated a few tips and questions you should ask when doing your finding the correct pest control service for your home or business, to make sure you don’t get ripped off by the exterminator you hire and to make sure the pest control job gets done right the first time!

How long have you been in business and at your present address? 

This may seem like a weird way to start a conversation, but if there are current or past complaints filed again the business, for unsafe practices, you want to know. Consequently, if they moved address the complaint may not have followed them.

Can you point me to your reviews page?

This should be something you can find readily online, but if not ask for a few references and contact them, to make sure they were satisfied with the company’s work! And while you are at it, remember to look out for the genuine reviews as some companies simply pay reviewers to have the surveys skewed in a manner that portrays them as competent.

Is your business licensed and is the technician you will be sending accredited? 

By law most pest control services must have at least one licensed commercial pesticide applicator in order to operate. So not all technicians have to be licensed they just have to be under that one person’s direct supervision.

Can I get a copy of your licenses, the labels of the pesticides you use and the length and rates at which they will be applied? 

This will truly ensure the company is reliable and trustworthy, because you will have copies of who they said they were and what they were supposed to do. Plus, then you are able to take any necessary precautions.

One of the best rat and pest control companies to use in Auckland is GoPest. They are a small business with great reviews that wants to add you to their 5-star rating. When you have questions, they will be able to answer them because they have certified technicians and use products that are EPA (Environmental Protection-Authority) approved mixing them to the exact specification so they are used correctly every time!