The Benefits of SEO

I’m a marketer and also a business owner and SEO Brisbane has provided my company with many benefits. For starters, it targets quality traffic because it’s an inbound marketing strategy. The aim is to make it easier for potential customers to find me when they are searching for information. Another benefit I can enjoy is not paying for ads. I just need to research and write high quality content for my blog and that’s how I reach my audience. That means the only investment I make is making time to come up with great content for my blog. 

Better than PPC
Research has shown that compared to Pay Per Click ads, SEO receives more clicks. The reason may be because users put more trust in Google’s algorithm and so they click on the organic results. SEO also helps with building trust and authority. When my business shows up in organic search on Google’s first page, it is perceived as having more authenticity, credibility, and authority than my competitors. The cost of maintaining such a position also goes down over time, which means a better return on investment. 

Google Analytics Helps
Using Google Analytics, I know exactly what my users are doing as they’re visiting my site. It also helps me focus on what’s working and ditch what isn’t. By developing trust and credibility with my audience, SEO influences their buying decisions. It also helps to drive offline sales because my customers do their research online and then visit my physical store. Having quality backlinks also helps with public relations and makes my website relevant. Getting quality backlinks requires publicity, and the more publicity I have, the more backlink opportunities I have. I’ve also gained more followers on social media, and this helps me to interact with my customers on a more personal level.